My Past Baked and Unbaked Goods….Prior to 2012 (pt. 2)

Blue cupcakes and mini cake frosted with the same cream from the fruit parfait, topped with strawberries and blueberries.


The mini cake had the frosting as filling and strawberries in between the layers.


The same dessert I made for thanksgiving, I made again for another thanksgiving, but as cupcakes. I wanted to make it different and wanted to see if it would work and it did!


Again to make it different I used blue jello instead of orange and blue sprinkles.


The cupcake version.


I had these heart shaped aluminum cups for years until I finally decided to use them one year for valentine’s day. They were strawberry cake and my mom drove me around so I could deliver them to family and friends that day.


The same jello dessert made differently yet again. I used graham cracker crumbs, red jello and red and green sprinkles…it was Christmas.


My dog Chanel loved it 🙂



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