First Try at a Healthy Smoothie!

My cousin Rebeca is vegan and has been for most of her life and she does presentations about raw food. I went to one of these presentations as her assistant and this smoothie was one of the things she made there.


Hers was with half a pear, but all I had were apples so I substituted with half an apple.


Before I added the spinach.


Before, as a solid.


After, as a liquid.


Worked well with the apple. I was surprised when I first tried this smoothie with my cousin cause it involved spinach, even though I like spinach, I just thought it was weird in a smoothie, but it was very good. Maybe next time I can add more nutritional and filling ingredients like ground flax seed and whey powder.

• Around 8 ice cubes
• 1 large banana (I used 2 medium)
• Half a pear (I used half an apple)
• A splash of water
• 2 handfuls of spinach

Add ice cubes, fruit and water into blender then add the spinach and blend until it’s a smooth consistency. Pour yourself a glass and drink up!


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