Red, White and Blue Memorial Day Mini Cupcakes

I had left many mini cupcakes I had made the day of my aunt’s birthday for Memorial Day since they were red and had white frosting. I just had to add something blue, I remembered I had almond bark I could color blue and melt so I could draw a star.


I didn’t notice until after I added the food coloring that I wasn’t supposed to, it said so on the package. I kept heating it to make it more like a liquid, but it wasn’t working. I was using a candy bottle to draw the stars, but since it was too thick it was very difficult to squeeze out and I popped off the top twice while drawing the stars. I heated it up again and added some canola oil and that worked! I sprayed canola oil on foil paper since I didn’t have wax paper.


Very easy to peel off and they looked so cute! I tried a star and it tastes good.


Loved the end result! 🇺🇸


Recipe found here


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