Vegan Strawberry Pancakes!

I had many strawberries that we’re starting to go bad and was looking for strawberry pancake recipes, but many of them were with strawberry chucks not purée, so I made my vegan strawberry cupcake recipe into pancakes.



It was a pretty pink batter that smelled amazing just like last time!


Took some time with the first one, but I increased the heat to medium high and it worked well.


I made a little one with the leftover batter.


I was able to make 9 1/2 pancakes. Big stack 😊


I made a little pancake cake with yogurt as the filling and some blueberries.



Very good! I ate pancakes for three days and every time I ate them, they made me happy and giddy for some reason.


You know the first side of the pancake is ready when the edges are getting dry, that’s when you flip.


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