Baby Shower Owl Cake and Cake Balls

I had a cake order for a baby shower Saturday from my cousin so I stayed over her house Friday for some late night and early morning baking because she also wanted cake balls. Made 5 1/2 dozen vegan banana cake balls and prepared the dry ingredients for the 2 batches of maple carrot cake the night before. The next morning I mixed the two batches of wet ingredients and mixed them all, then peeled and shredded the carrots to fold in. I had some leftover batter so I made 3 1/4 dozen cake balls.

Went to bed at 2:30am and woke up around 5:40am, so I only had 3 hours of sleep then was on my feet all morning and afternoon baking, frosting and getting all the stuff for the shower, sat down and enjoyed the shower for awhile, on my feet again to be the photographer and then hang with some friends until almost 2am. What an exhausting day, but that’s the life of a baker 🙂

This is the desserts table, mine are the 3-tier cake on the cake stand and the two plates of cake balls.

Making the vegan banana cake balls Friday night.

They came out so round.

This is all the baking I did! Four cake pans, 105 cake balls and two batches of frosting.

The day before my cousin was going to pick me up I decided to make an owl out of fondant. This was my first try at fondant work so it took me a few hours and I didn’t have the proper tools, but it came out pretty good. Since I’ve worked with polymer clay, this was kind of familiar territory.

I frosted the cake at the location.

Added the owl on the top tier and put my business cards near my sweets.

The owl looked cute as a cake topper.

I set up some of the cake balls, got dressed and went outside, I went inside like 3 hours later and found this…all the cake balls gone! Don’t know since when they disappeared, but I asked what happened, my cousin told me people were eating them like crazy.

There were owl stickers on the onesies.

Hydrangeas in mason jars were the centerpieces.

Vegan banana bread recipe

This time I used different ingredients like organic whole wheat flour, safflower oil, turbinado raw sugar, aluminum free baking powder and added 1/4 tsp maple syrup since I didn’t have vanilla extract.

Maple carrot cake recipe and frosting

This time I had maple syrup for this cake and the two 9″ round were in the oven for 35 minutes, the 6″ and 4″ were in the oven for about 30 minutes.

Took the remaining cake balls to my friends that night, but right as I was preparing to leave many more cake balls disappeared, the banana ones since there were many vegans there. Happy they were such a success 🙂


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