Peppermint Covered Cake Balls

I had posted this November 29, but I just noticed now that it’s not here anymore and I don’t know what happened so here I am typing this up again.
Saturday November 24th was small business Saturday and I was offering 30% off all orders so my friend placed am order for a dozen peppermint covered cake balls. I gave her 13 since she had promised to give our other friend one, that way she still had her dozen.


I used melted peppermint kisses as the coating.


I used yellow cake mix, but only needed to make 12 so I halved the recipe.



I was able to make a total of 24 cake balls. Would’ve been maybe 6 more, but my friend was here to pick me up so I had to throw the rest of the batter away, we were having a girls day/night and were starting with bike riding.


I gave my aunt five and the other 5 were for my other friends….even though the one that bought the 12 stole one tsk tsk 😛 So I got another order placed for December 17. Sampling helps!

• 1 1/2 cups yellow cake mix (15 oz mix)
• 1/2 almond milk
• 1/8 oil (I used safflower oil)
• 1 egg

Dipped in melted peppermint kisses.


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