Dulce de Leche Cakes

My friend placed an order for a 6″ dulce de leche cake and a dozen peppermint cake balls for her mom’s birthday on Sunday. Since it was such a small cake I had a lot of batter leftover so I made a 9″ cake as well.


I used my whipped cream cheese frosting and added dulce de leche to it, very good!



I had seen some pictures online with almonds on the dulce de leche cakes, so I thought I would add some to the sides. The almonds with the cake were definitely a plus, worked very well together.



With the 9″ cake I thought I would just add frosting between layers with almonds.


My cousin gave me my Christmas presents before and unwrapped because she was spending the Christmas in NY, one of the presents were Christmas cupcake boxes and I was able to use one for the cake.



She wanted me to write “Felicidades Mami” and I used writing icing. It was my first time, didn’t come out bad.
I’ll be using the 9″ cake to celebrate the end of the world on Friday 12-21-12 😛

Adapted from crumblycookie.net


Update 12/22/12: My friend couldn’t wait until Friday and I cut a big piece for her to take home to her parents on Wednesday. Gave another piece for her to take home the next day, another piece for my other friend and I had my piece that night with honey vanilla chamomile tea…..very very good! This cake recipe is a keeper, even my friend’s mom asked for the recipe. The almonds complete it.


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