Vegan Valentine Cupcakes

I had made some vegan strawberry muffins and turned some into cupcakes with valentine toppers to advertise my desserts for valentine’s day. I used some leftover frosting I had made and added about a tablespoon of strawberry purée to it, which turned it pink with some visible strawberry pieces.


I spread the frosting on two of them and decorated them with red sugar sprinkles and stencils; with ❤ and Love.



I used the 1M tip to frost the other four and made some fondant decorations for two.



For the last two I used my toppers I made with stamps, punches, stickers and decorative cutting scissors.


I added two heart punches on this one with foam stickers for a raised effect.


They all came out rather nice 🙂 I had taken some of the unfrosted ones, which were the muffins to my vegan cousin. She was able to take one bite of her first one before it was taken away by her then almost 4 year old, he gobbled it up and almost ate the paper! I guess he enjoyed it, she was able to have more later. My other cousin had seen and liked the a picture of them on Facebook and was so excited to have one when she saw them that night. They were enjoyed by many.

Original muffin recipe


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