Vegan Blueberry Muffins

I was going bike riding and doing a picnic with my friends on Wednesday in the early afternoon and everyone was bringing something. So I got up early and had plenty of time to make some muffins. I settled on blueberry muffins to use up the blueberries I had before they went bad. The recipe was very quick and easy since last time I made it I used diced up strawberries, no dicing this time.


Added the mashed banana then folded in the blueberries. I added all the blueberries I had, but they could’ve used some more.


The blueberries kind of exploded while baking, had to clean up the machine.


This time I only got 11, maybe if I had filled the others less I could’ve gotten the 12.


Original recipe

We rode in a park in an area called Coral Gables, a lot of trees and the weather was very nice. We also rode around that neighborhood and it was very very bumpy, it was those tree roots under the concrete.



Definitely more blueberries next time and less oil.



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