Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Cupcakes

I had a few strawberries I had to use up before they went bad, but didn’t have enough to make a dozen strawberry cupcakes. Maybe only for half and so I got the idea to make half chocolate and half strawberry cupcakes. I called them chocolate dipped strawberry cupcakes, great for this time since Valentines is near.


I made the base of the batter then separated into two bowls. Added cocoa powder to one and the strawberry purée to the other then some almond milk to both. I only added 1 1/2 Tbsp of cocoa powder because I don’t like them too chocolatey, my friends are the same.


Added the chocolate batter first then the strawberry on top. I ran out of strawberry batter with the last two so I made them all chocolate.



Would’ve been nice if the strawberry park was a bit more pink, but I didn’t have any more strawberries. They were good though.


There are the half strawberry half chocolate and the chocolate cupcakes frosted with a white chocolate whipped frosting using the white chocolate cream cheese dip from Philadelphia.


Made some chocolate decorations using a mold and free writing, but most of them broke, I think I added to much milk to the chocolate chips. I did what I could with the pieces I still had.



Had a little bit too much fun with a cupcake photoshoot. Took an extra 69 pictures, I know, crazy.


I call these two the twins, use the broken chocolate pieces to decorate them. My friend told me they looked like legs, like someone fell in the frosting, they did 😛



Original vegan strawberry cupcake recipe


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