Floral Vanilla & Dulce de Leche Cupcakes

I had a last minute order early Friday evening for two dozen cupcakes to be picked up the next day at 11am, vanilla and dulce de leche. I didn’t have any whipped cream to make the frosting and was trying to find a ride to the supermarket to get some, but none of my aunts were replying, so I did what I could with what I had and made another type of frosting for the dulce de leche cupcakes and used the leftover white chocolate frosting I had for the vanilla which was enough for all 18 and and a frosting shot for me!



The recipe for the vanilla cupcakes were for 16, but yielded 18, better for me.


Using the white chocolate frosting on the vanilla cupcakes, this was actually a nice combo.



Made a cream cheese frosting and added some caramel for the dulce de leche cupcakes. Frosted the dozen and had some leftover for maybe 6.



They were all ready to go for pick up that night, but then in bed I got to thinking it would nice to add something else. I did some searching and decided on fondant flowers, I had my flower fondant cutters I hadn’t used yet and this was the perfect time.



I made them for all 12 vanilla cupcakes with the second biggest size and then thought it would be nice if I made some with the biggest cutter and add the smaller one inside, worked beautifully.




I wanted to drizzle some dulce de leche on these, but I had only a small amount left and my friend was only 10 minutes away.



Now they were ready for pick up.


Ultimate vanilla cupcake recipe from cupcakeproject.com

White Chocolate Frosting

• White chocolate cream cheese dip (8oz)
• Whipped cream (8oz)



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