Valentine Flavor Cupcakes

Sorry it took me an extra 3 days to post this, but I was busy this weekend with my cousin’s bon voyage party on Saturday and I stayed over. It was a lot of work, running around different stores and a lot of heavy lifting.
I had another kind of last minute order early Tuesday evening to be picked up the next day at 5pm for a Valentine work party the next day. My aunt ordered them for her husband and some for my cousin, she wanted two dozen with divided flavors of strawberry, chocolate and champagne and one dozen with half vegan and half with the chocolate covered strawberry cupcakes which was half strawberry and half chocolate. Also different flavor frosting for each cupcake flavor; strawberry, chocolate, champagne and a vegan one.



It was eight each of strawberry, chocolate and champagne and six of chocolate dipped strawberry and six vegan which was strawberries and champagne.



Frosted the chocolate with chocolate, strawberry with strawberry, champagne with champagne and the chocolate dipped strawberry with chocolate strawberry swirl.


She wanted the chocolate, strawberry and champagne cupcakes divided in six boxes and the chocolate dipped strawberry and vegan cupcakes in one box.



Made a tall stack. She called to say that she would pick them up at 8pm instead so that gave me time to relax, but she actually came by around 11pm.


Added my sticker to each box. First time using them even though I’ve had them for awhile.


I played up the vanilla cupcake recipe and the vegan strawberry recipe I have to make these.

Basic vanilla cupcake recipe
Vegan strawberry cupcakes recipe




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