Vegan Adventures in NY (Part 1)

Well, I’m in New York for the month of June and will be baking only vegan things here since I’m staying with my vegan cousin and we have other family members living in the same building who are vegans as well. There was a community block party happening over the weekend for the community residents and it was a potluck. I made two batches of the vegan blueberry muffin recipe, but I turned one into bread by baking it in a 9×13 pan and kept the other as muffins with banana pieces.



There was a sale on organic blueberries at whole foods for $1.99 each and my cousin went crazy and bought over 12 containers before I arrived, so of course we were looking for ways to use them. I had some of the blueberries and WOW organic blueberries taste so much better than other ones, I had a lot of blueberries the morning before heading to NY so the taste was still fresh in my mind.

I still had a little bit of batter left after filling the muffin cups and the smallest mold my cousin had was a 7″ round cake pan. It turned out well because it ended up looking like a cookie 🙂 The picture doesn’t give it much justice.


Only a few people showed up for the block party so we decided not to go and instead we went to our neighbors to have vegan chili, vegan muffins and watch the movie Wanderlust.


Original recipe


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