Raw Challenge

I’ve been eating raw for a week so I haven’t been able to bake anything. I am not raw, vegan or even vegetarian, but since staying with my cousin in NY, I have been vegetarian almost vegan. She was going to do raw starting this past Monday June 17 and asked If I would like to do it too, I said yes, I’ve always wanted to try it. I’ve been more disciplined than her cause she’s been having soy chai lattes and coffee, I haven’t cheated 🙂

Day One: Avocado Sushi Rolls

I don’t really like avocado, I know surprising, so I only added a little bit to mine. Everyone I tell is always surprised I don’t like it and say I’m the only one in the world who doesn’t.


On day two I helped make a big salad, but didn’t take any pictures.

Day Three: Pizza from the Dehydrator


On Thursday, day four we had tickets to be on The View, but since we took the wrong train we arrived a little too late for the live show that tapes at 11am, so we walked around the city and ten made it to the second show that tapes at 12:45 to be aired at a later date. They give the audience cheesy tortilla chips and a juice before they sit down, but of course we couldn’t eat them and I was hungry. We did a lot of walking, rushing and took a lot of subways, my rookie mistake was going in stiff sandals. The View episode was about people that have become famous from the web and will air July 2nd at 11am on abc.


Day Four: “Cheesy” Salad


Day Five: Zucchini Pasta with Sun Dried Tomato Sauce

I did a lot of peeling this day, I peeled the zucchini and lots of apples to make apple chips in the dehydrator for the next day since we were going to Brooklyn. My cousin has this machine that makes the zucchini spaghetti that’s really cool and simple. When making it you are supposed to cut it every so often, but I didn’t so I made really long pasta. I made it for the first time at my cousin’s raw presentation a few years ago in Miami, it’s really good.


We headed to Brooklyn and again took many subways that day and lots of walking, but this time I had the right shoes.


We were walking around and saw there was an artists and fleas market happening nearby where local artists sell their creations, it was cool. Then went to another one that was outdoors that also had all kinda of food, they didn’t have any raw except for a stand that had raw drinks, the one I had tasted like cider.


They had a lot of cool stuff, I bought some local art souvenirs for my friends. It was a really hot day and we were in direct sunlight for a long time, so after we left the market I had a nosebleed that would not stop. I was walking around with a tissue on my nose and my head up, my cousin had to YouTube how to stop a nosebleed which was to put pressure on the end of the bridge for five minutes, it worked.


I had to take a picture of my passion and share it with specific hashtags so Toyota would donate $3 to the Brooklyn Arts Council. My cousin did it as well and she did nature.


Also got a free bag that were being screen printed on the spot and people would just pick the color they wanted, I like blue.


Day Six: Raw Nachos

We went to Caravan of Dreams, a restaurant that had many raw options and many gluten free options as well. This had some avocado as well, but I would just mix it with the tomatoes and it wouldn’t be so bad.


Day Seven: Raw Avocado Wrap

My cousin really likes avocado, so I have to deal with it, besides this was good.


This morning, day eight, I had chia pudding with banana slices and a raw nut mix that is amazing in everything. I added them to a vegan gluten free and sugar free bread I made last night, smells really good.


Usually in the mornings and sometimes at night we would have smoothies. There I had it with some kale chips.


So far I’ve been doing good, I’m glad I’ve lasted at least a week.


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