Halloween Muffins

For Halloween I made orange creamsicle muffins and a cake from a cake mix I had bought a while back and gave to my friend’s mom along with other foods that I was getting rid of since I was moving. She brought it to New York since she was traveling with me and she just left early this morning. I had given her a pink lemonade cake mix as well and had given me the choice of which one to bring, I chose the orange creamsicle since it was orange, more appropriate for Halloween and fall.


Made 12 muffins and a thin 9″ cake.



I was in Nicaragua for 6 weeks in September/October before coming to New York. This was  a lake called Laguna de Apoyo which was formed after a strong volcanic explosion which left a hole measuring six kilometers in diameter.


Having the local beer on the dock.


Went to the local folklore play at the Ruben Dario theater, this time it was funnier than the previous ones I’ve been to because of a certain skit.



This was the first time I had been somewhere else in the US in a long time for Halloween and noticed more people celebrate it here because it pretty much died in Miami. Hope you guys had a good Halloween! I know I’m kind of late, I’m trying to catch up.



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