Ice Cream Topped Black Bean Brownies

My friend and I bought two brownie mixes and two cans of black beans to make on two separate occasions, black bean brownies topped with ice cream. She had all her brownies with cookie dough ice cream, I had mine with pumpkin ice cream then the second time with butter pecan ice cream. Nice little treat on these cold days, warm brownie with ice cream.

Milk chocolate black bean brownie topped with butter pecan ice cream.


This brownie was vegan, topped with pumpkin ice cream.


I added walnuts to the brownie mix.



I moved to New York in late October, four days after coming back from Nicaragua….jetlag! It was my first time flying with JetBlue and first time getting on the plane from the outside, very nice airline with in flight direct tv and free snacks and drinks. They say wifi is coming soon on the plane.



I was finally able to go to pumpkin picking for the first time, I’ve been wanting to do this my whole life.


Central park in the fall.


Rockefeller center.


Times Square.



• One box of brownie mix
• one 15oz can of black beans
• ice cream (optional)
• nuts (optional)

Remove the bean juice from can and fill with water. Blend then add to mix and bake.


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