Summer Iced Tea (Part 1)

Since in Nicaragua with no oven, I can’t make any baked desserts, but can make other things. I’ve been wanting to make the drinks I saw in the June issue of Martha Stewart Living for a while now and finally got the chance to make one yesterday.


I brewed two tea bags in the hot water I had boiled then put it in the freezer to cool it faster.


This was my first time making simple syrup and it’s pretty fast and “simple”.


Poured all my ingredients into one of mom’s pitcher’s which were still packed so I was the first to use one of them. I needed a clear one to achieve the look I wanted.


Sent dad to go cut a lime from a nearby tree, cut some slices and added them to the pitcher with some ice.


A clear pitcher was definitely needed to be able to see the limes floating.





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