Snowflake Pancakes in Miami

During Christmas time, I spent a week in Miami with friends. I hadn’t been in my hometown in over a year, so everything looked different. We did a nicely dressed Christmas Eve and an ugly sweater party, so for a brunch we were going to make peppermint waffles, but the waffle maker had been thrown out. Instead I made pancakes with a snowflake pancake maker my friend had. Worked great for Christmas.



We had a bisquick packet instead of the premade frozen waffles to make more.


Unwrapped a bunch of peppermint kisses to use as the topping when melted.



We used butter for the first batch and it just made them burn, so for the rest we just poured them on the griddle.



Turned out pretty well.


This post was officially finished on February 7th, but for some reason the app was never working on my iPod, so whenever I had WiFi it never worked. Well, I am finally paying it now and through my phone. I have made some other goodies and will be making some more this weekend, stay tuned.


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