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Back to Basics…in New York

Yes, it has been a long time since I’ve posted anything, that’s because I’ve moved to NYC and have been working all the time, so I haven’t baked anything, until now. I’m working as a personal assistant and my only day off is Saturday and this past one I finally went upstate to visit my cousin and she put me to bake with her son, I was not complaining!

It was a prepackaged gluten free brownie mix, we just added grounded flax seeds, melted vegan butter and water.

Added coconut oil to the pan and baked for 40 minutes.

End product was a gooey brownie that would’ve been better with nuts, but none were added.

This was taken in Ossining when I had just passed Sing Sing prison. Up here the leaves have changed and are already falling off, not yet in the city.

This was at my cousin’s house where they are surrounded by trees. Big difference up here than in the city, fresher air, more peaceful, less stressful, definitely needed this.



Ice Cream Topped Black Bean Brownies

My friend and I bought two brownie mixes and two cans of black beans to make on two separate occasions, black bean brownies topped with ice cream. She had all her brownies with cookie dough ice cream, I had mine with pumpkin ice cream then the second time with butter pecan ice cream. Nice little treat on these cold days, warm brownie with ice cream.

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Cookie Brownies

This is the first time I make something since before my vacation in March. My friends and I got together and one of them brought a cookie brownie mix which meant I had to make it. I was meant to post this last month, but I have no Internet anymore so please bare with.

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