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Smoothies All Around

It’s been a very long time since I’ve made anything, not since that brownie in upstate NY back in November. I was living in the city up until December with a live in job, so I could not use the oven, not even a blender. I left that job, spent Christmas week in Miami then came to Nicaragua while looking for another job back in Miami. My grandma had given me mangoes, a neighbor had given us cantaloupe and I cut some maduro from the backyard, which is the banana’s cousin, so it was all organic.


I diced up some a whole giant mango, two “bananas” and froze them.



The cantaloupe came after and stayed fresh since a neighbor gave them to my dad and I incorporated them into the smoothies.



The mango was so frozen and hard to break apart that my knife just stayed in place.



The first smoothie was mostly mango based an I just called it a mango lassi.


My mason jar is back in Miami, so here I use a drink cup with a lid that came from ordering a smoothie somewhere.


Added the rest to a martini glass that came from a 12 piece set from Ross to make it fancy.


The other smoothie had a little bit of mango, but mostly cantaloupe, which were almost 2 whole ones. Both smoothies had the “banana”.



I poured this one into a wine glass to keep the fancy going. Both smoothies were delicious and all raw.


Fancy Fancy eh.



Patriotic Desserts

Well the other day I saw a big pan my mom had and thought it would be good to make the yogurt pie recipe into one big one and into a flag since the 4th of July was coming up. This week I was trying to get my ingredients, blueberries and whipped cream are extremely difficult to get in this country and especially since I’m in a small town. I was able to get yogurt, strawberries, gelatin and some cookies to crush to make the crust, I usually buy the ready made crusts. I had to look for ways to substitute or make my own whipped cream, I used a recipe I found online.


Only had to use one package of cookies for the crust.


Would’ve been better to use a 9×13 because clearly this pan was bigger.


I made the whipped cream in a blender.


Dissolved the gelatin.


Added the yogurt.


Then the whipped cream.


Spread it on the crust then to the fridge it went.


Used strawberries for the red stripes, melted white chocolate for the white stripes and blue candy for the blue area.


Dipped some strawberries in white chocolate and then blue sprinkles for the striped effect. Not to bad for my first attempt even though my dad bought me cookies n cream instead of plain white chocolate, there wasn’t any other.


Found my mother’s cake stand!


I had leftover coconut milk so I decided to make piña coladas, still in the patriotic spirit.



Hope you all enjoy your 4th of July weekend!

Original pie recipe here

Whipped cream is 1 cup milk, 2 tbsp corn starch and after well combined 1 tbsp flour.

The piña colada was not measured at all.

Summer Iced Tea (Part 1)

Since in Nicaragua with no oven, I can’t make any baked desserts, but can make other things. I’ve been wanting to make the drinks I saw in the June issue of Martha Stewart Living for a while now and finally got the chance to make one yesterday.


I brewed two tea bags in the hot water I had boiled then put it in the freezer to cool it faster.


This was my first time making simple syrup and it’s pretty fast and “simple”.


Poured all my ingredients into one of mom’s pitcher’s which were still packed so I was the first to use one of them. I needed a clear one to achieve the look I wanted.


Sent dad to go cut a lime from a nearby tree, cut some slices and added them to the pitcher with some ice.


A clear pitcher was definitely needed to be able to see the limes floating.




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